What’s In My Handbag 2020

Hi everyone!
Welcome back to my blog. Sorry I’ve been MIA and haven’t posted anything for the past couple of weeks. I’ve been very busy trying to get a routine sorted for school and it’s exhausting! I’ll talk more about this in my September reflection post (coming at the end of September) so, for now, thank you for bearing with me. 
As you could have told by the title, I’m going to talk about all the things I like to carry around with me in my handbag. I’m not going to show you which handbags I use because I use different ones for different outfits, but they’re mostly small rucksacks. I honestly don’t carry a lot around with me when I go out, but I do have a few essentials that I’ll be showing you all. Enjoy!
Hand sanitiser
Even before the whole global pandemic thing, I always carried hand sanitiser around with me. You just never know when you or someone else is going to need it. In this day and age especially, this is super important!
This is very self explanatory haha but I always a…

August 2020 Reflection: Ramblings and Recommendations

Hi everyone!
Welcome back to my blog. This post is basically just going to be me talking about how my month went (in the ‘ramblings’ part) and all the things that I have been loving this month (in the ‘recommendations’ part). This is actually my second monthly reflection- I did one last month so, if you’re interested, click here. I’m trying to make these posts really relaxed and casual so, if you like the more chatty posts, this post is for you. Enjoy!
So, this was the last month of summer and I’m not too sure how I feel about it. I’m starting school online this Tuesday and, honestly, I feel prepared enough. This summer was a weird one for obvious reasons so I, as well as all of my friends, didn’t feel as if we had one. Usually there is a definitive break between the school years because of the summer holidays but we didn’t really have that this year. It just feels like one year is blending into another. But, I’ve had plenty of time to get my things together for back to school,…

Work With Me #3: Back To School Prep Edition

Hi everyone!
Welcome back to my blog. I’m starting online school in the next couple of weeks so I’ve been trying to get into a routine and make all the notes I didn’t make last year. This week, though, I’ve been in a bit of a slump, so I thought that writing up another work with me would be a great way to force me into being productive. And, it automatically gives me a post to publish haha. I quite like reading these blog posts/watching these YouTube videos as it somehow motivates me to be more productive. I’m hoping it’ll do the same for you guys if you were also having a bit of a meh week. Enjoy!
7.45 - 8.25: Breakfast
I woke up this morning at around 7.45 which is a little bit later than I wanted to but it’s all good. I had some breakfast and watched an episode of Vampire Diaries: my new obsession. I’m like 2 episodes into the second season and it’s very addictive!
8.25 - 8.40: Get ready
After breakfast, I went and brushed my teeth, did my skin care routine and did my hair (a half-up ha…

My Wish List 2020

Hi everyone!Welcome back to my blog. I’m the type of person who goes on Amazon, eBay or any online shopping/clothing website just to look around- even if I don’t plan on buying anything. But whenever my birthday comes around, or when a friend or relative asks if I would like anything, my mind always goes completely blank. So, in this post, I’m going to be listing all the things that are on my wish list. Some of these things are more affordable and realistic than others, but some are quite expensive. I’m not saying I’ll get every single thing on this list by next week but, whenever I want to treat myself, or when it’s my birthday again, I can come back to this list. If you want some inspiration for your wishlist, or if you want to buy a present for someone else, this post is for you. Enjoy!
So, we’re starting with an expensive, unrealistic one haha. If you read my July recommendations you would know that I received an iPhone for my birthday (which I am so grateful for). I would r…